SEO-MelbouneLike most website owners, you are most likely to be continually or periodically checking on how your website is ranking for your keywords and key phrases.

To get the best and most accurate results, you’ll want to periodically clear your cache, and you should do this before checking your search engine results rankings.

Why? Well every internet browser Safari, Chrome, Firefox etc, comes with a cache, also known as temporary internet files. Every time you open up a web page, data is sent to the cache, which it then stores for your next visit. It’s an essentially way for your computer to remember places you’ve been and not have to load everything again, because if anything on that web page you have visited previously is still the same , such as text and images etc, the cache faster can recall the information and load the page much faster. The cache is an important in making your web browsing experience faster and smoother.

There are however some disadvantages if you are trying to check your websites rankings. In terms of SEO checks, caching can actually work against you especially if you’ve been researching the competitions websites.

Google uses your cache to decide what search results to need to see, which is usually helpful. Google may in fact look into your cache and prioritise the results based on your previous browsing history. This can give you a skewed ranking of your true website ranking for particular keywords.

SEO-TipAnswer. To get the best and most accurate results, you’ll want to periodically clear your cache for the web browser you are using. If you are uncertain on how to do this for your particular web browser simply Google “Clear Cache and your web browser type” you’ll find some simple straight forward details on how.