SEO-tips-melbourneA URL or Uniform Resource Locator is readable text that was designed to replace the numbers (IP addresses, e.g. 101.182. 59.77) that computers use to communicate with web servers.

It’s the main text that describes an online document and usually targets keywords present in the content of the web page and helps return relevant pages with Search Engines.

Example of a URL

The URLs on website say a lot about a site’s architecture and often is considered important for SEO as well as usability.

URLs describe a site or page to visitors and search engines. They should ideally be as descriptive but as brief as possible. By keeping the URL accurate, relevant and compelling helps ranking well with Search Engines.

Keep the URLs clean and fill them with keywords or words that aptly describe the content.

URLs Optimisation Checklist:

  • Do you have short and clean URLs?
  • Do you have keywords in your URLs placed towards the beginning?
  • Do you use hyphens in URLs to separate words where necessary for readability. (Hyphens are preferred to underscores)?
  • Avoid using special characters in your URLs. Specifically avoid using commas, semicolons, colons, spaces, quotes, etc. in your URLs.

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