5 Reasons Why You Should Be Still Using Business Cards

5 Reasons Why You Should Be Still Using Business Cards

Why is it important to get your business card design done right?

Business cards are still significant tools to this day, especially in informing people about your business and giving out your contact details to the right people.

Other than their basic functions, they also serve as a great tool to market your brand to potential customers and business partners.

You need to have the best and the right business card design to make it effective in serving its purpose.

Of course, you wouldn’t want to hand out a card only to see it in a trash bin afterward. You need to make sure that people would love to keep it with them and will compel them to connect with you later on.

So, why should you make sure that your business card has the right design?

The right business card design makes you look professional


The best and the right business card design will make you look trustworthy, instead of simply someone handing out contact information. People will be glad to connect with you if they know you’re reliable and will work them professionally.

Though small and simple, professional business cards can help you establish a good appearance or impression to the people around.

Aside from this, they will make your brand or company look reliable. After all, using professional business cards could make people think that the company owning it is reliable and credible. It also means the enterprise exists.

If anyone doubts it, they can simply investigate using the contact details on the card.

Moreover, a good design will make a card memorable. In the event that someone needs your product or services, they will use your business card to connect with you. That’s a potential business right there.

A bad design, on the other hand, will make people think that your brand is an unreliable choice for them. You wouldn’t want that, would you?

So, get them printed by professionals to ensure you are making a great impression on your audience.

It’s always accessible

What makes a good business card one of the best tools for presenting your brand is its accessibility and convenience to use. You just have to keep some in your wallet or pocket as you go out and then hand one out when the opportunity arises.

And in the world of business, every encounter is an opportunity to establish a connection. So you should have a business card on hand wherever you go.

You can even bring them whether on official or unofficial trips too, without too much hassle along the way.

It’s the simplest networking tool

Simplicity is another key factor of the right business card design, helping it become the simplest tool for establishing a network. Spread a number of business cards around and you can create a web of connection with other people.

This can be great in acquiring more customers, especially that business cards are easily passed around. This simply means that you can have a good chance of more people seeing your brand.

Moreover, provided that you have included clear and complete contact info on your business cards, you can expect to have more people to connect back to you as well. It’s an excellent way to acquire more customers or even potential business partners.

Classier than a smartphone contact

It’s definitely undeniable. Business cards can look fantastic, depending on the design printed on them.

Unlike mere phone contacts, physical business cards can make a simple contact detail look classy, which is advantageous for your business.

You can use a business card design that you think is favourable for your brand, but you should also consider the most important elements, like the logo you place on it and the colour theme of your company. Needless to say, you cannot simply do that on your mobile phone contacts.

They make a good first impression

Finally, remember that first impressions are a vital thing you should achieve in any marketing campaign. And, professional business cards can easily help you with that.

Aside from making yourself look professional, they can package your brand or company nicely, provided that you have the right business card design, they can surely catch people’s attention easily and hook them up in no time.

After leaving a positive impression on your potential audience, your contact info will do the rest in guiding people to actually connect with you. That’s when you will have a good chance of telling them more about your brand and convincing them to become your new customers.

These are just a few of the biggest reasons why you should acquire the best and the right business card designs for your brand or company. Aside from serving as a great tool for displaying your contact details to people, business cards can also help in marketing and leaving a positive impression that can last forever.

Remember-the right design for your business cards is an effective marketing tactic!

Clever Minimalistic Logos

Clever Minimalistic Logos

As Melbourne logo designers, we are continually on the lookout for logo inspiration and great logo ideas. Whilst we were doing some logo research and looking for specific ideas for a new client’s logo design and brand identity, we came across some outstanding works of a graphic designer in Russia.

Vladislav Smolkin is a graphic designer and logo artist. Specialising in corporate identity and logo designs for small and medium-sized companies, with clients all over the world.

We were really impressed with his designs! What we really liked was his specific forte and expertise in designing minimalistic logos. We absolutely loved one of his personal minimalist style logo sets that comprised of a series of typographic logos of major cities that feature very clever visual representations or characteristics of those specific cities.

Here are some of our favourites.


The results are beautiful, simplistic, minimalistic logo creations.

Read more about logo design here.

2018 Business Logo Design Trends

2018 Business Logo Design Trends

Trending Logo Designs in 2018: How Businesses Are Branding Themselves

Now more than ever, your business should strive to cut through the noise of your competitors. People who have recently discovered your brand needs something to remember you by. A logo can serve as the perfect symbol for your organisation. With the right business logo design, you can stand out from the crowd while getting your values across to your target audience.


Consumer preferences are always changing though; what worked in the past may not get you as much positive attention today. By knowing which trends are popular this year, you’d have a better idea what to ask from logo designers for your project. Here are a few you’ll want to pay special attention to:

Minimalist Forms

This is all about stripping down to the basics. Sometimes, it’s the simplest and neatest brand design that can capture the interest of your audience. It conveys your message directly so people won’t have to second-guess. Not to mention that it works across different mediums, from mobile apps to business cards.

Tumbler is a good example of a logo that is minimalistic

Focusing on clarity and simplicity will allow you to say a lot with the least possible. This can be very important in a world full of noise and confusion. It can drive online traffic to you and is why many big names have revamped their designs with something edgier and sharper.

Negative Space

While this logo design trend has been around for a few years, it remains prominent even in 2018. You’ve likely seen it in action on the Toblerone, WWF, or FedEx logos. It’s quite popular on social media as it challenges the consumer to solve the puzzle or find the hidden message, which appeals to the treasure hunter heart.

Negative space is used on the FedEx logo

This technique has continuously evolved since it first emerged though, going from logomarks to logotypes. Now there are more text logos that have images or shapes hidden between or inside its letters. You can check out our blog post on using negative space to learn more.

Geometric Shapes

Line art is well-loved for its timelessness, laidback appeal, and elegant style. Then again, it has been forever falling in and out of favour in the graphic design, fashion, and architectural industries. When done well, it is a thing of beauty thus it continues to be on an uptrend this year.


Flicker used circles in their old logo

However, there are only a handful of geometric shapes at your disposal even when you’re including the parallelograms and octagons. There’s only so much that can be done for a custom logo design before it morphs into another technique altogether.

If you want to stay just within the realm of geometric lines, you could end up with a logo that is unremarkable and indistinct so be careful with that.

Modern Vintage

Last year, Formula 1 unveiled its new streamlined logo which evokes the retro feel of motorsports. Fans were divided as some preferred the old to the new but many were also able to see the appeal.

Formula One switched from negative space to retro
Attribution: Taken from Logopedia Wikia

Vintage styling always brings a nostalgic effect allowing people to connect with memories of the past. It specifically hits the emotional quotient, which can be effective in some cases.

While it’s not as sleek as other styles, a retro brand design does convey a sense of authenticity, trust, and loyalty. It is a particularly good idea when you want to establish yourself as something familiar or close to home, especially when your company has been around for a while or if you already have an established client base.

Experimental Typography

Many logos are supported by text while others are made entirely of text. The latter are called wordmarks or lettermarks. They allow basic information to be communicated in fresh and creative ways.

The concept of modifying existing typefaces may not be entirely new but it has given birth to completely new styles that make use of photographic and artistic techniques.

The Coca-Cola typography logo hasn’t changed that much

There are so many different styles to choose from, including split, chaotic, and hand-effect. Your choice should be based on the type of business you have. For instance, if you want to come across as a dynamic and playful brand, then a chaotic logo design may be the best option for you. For more examples of this trend, drop by our post on creating a typographic logo.

Are you interested in following any of the above trends for your own brand? Contact us to find out more about logo design in Melbourne.

Clark Marketing & Design will never disappoint when it comes to logo and graphic design services in the area. We stay updated on the latest trends yet keep ourselves open to any creative ideas from our clients.

Get in touch with us today through our contact form or phone us directly on  (03) 9739 5445 to learn more about our logo design packages.

Clever Logo Design

Clever Logo Design

Clever Logos!


Creating A Typographic Logo

We are always on the lookout for amazing logo designs. These are a collection of some very clever logos we came across recently!

A Swedish graphic Designer, Daniel Carlmatz set an objective to visualize the meaning of the words by using a mix of symbolism, negative space (Negative space in logo design is, quite simply, the space that surrounds an object in an image), or by adding geometric elements to the letters.

For example, in these expressions of a logo, the letter ‘k’ in the word ‘break’ looks like a break! The letter ‘j’ in ‘jazz’ looks like a saxophone, and the letter ‘s’ in the word escalator, symbolizes just that, an escalator!

By hiding images inside, between or forming part of letters can create amazing pieces of art!

These logo examples capture the viewers’ immediate attention visually expressing the meaning of these words with the use of legible clean fonts coupled with simple geometric shapes or illustrations.

The result: beautiful, simplistic, minimalistic clean logos. Clever!

Read more about logo design here

We’d love to hear your thoughts on these – feel free to comment on the logo designs below.

Spotting a Cheap Logo Design

Spotting a Cheap Logo Design

6 Telling Signs That Indicate a Logo Design Is Cheap

How can you tell when a logo design is cheap?

You might have received feedback from your patrons and contemporaries regarding this, and have now thought about rebranding. But before you go any further, you first have to know what made the logo cheap in the first place.

It is really important to have a better way to represent your brand and a poorly designed logo won’t cut it. It is supposed to serve as your brand’s signature, after all. This means only a powerful visual element will do.

So how about you take another look at your logo and see if it is visually powerful.

  • Does it show how your business is different from your competitors?
  • Does it reflect how you do things differently?
  • Does it show exactly how special your brand is from that of the competition?

Images are processed and judged 60,000 times quicker than texts. This brings back to creating a visual that is powerful.

If you are a professional graphics designer, you might also know a couple design principles that have a direct correlation to behavioural psychology. So, even though an average consumer may not point out what is technically wrong, the feeling it gives you will be obvious.

Which is why these telling signs will help you evaluate and immediately spot a cheap logo design.

Roofing, Real Estate or Home Improvements?


1. Too Complex

Recall a few recognisable logos like McDonalds, Apple, and Nike. What do they have in common? If you have thought that they have a simple logo design, then you are right.

In fact, throughout the years, famous companies, such as Shell, Microsoft, and Pepsi, have revised their logos and made these even simpler than before. As what Meg Hoppe of HubSpot has pointed out, people do not have the time to dissect a visually intricate image.

When there are too many colours, details, complicated font styles or other elements, the logo may start to look confusing, which eventually will not make a good impression on consumers. Having a complex logo is often counter-intuitive.

Instead of making the brand look fancy and high-class, you end up with something that others may find annoying.

2. Not Flexible

Nowadays, it is important for a logo to look attractive and stay readable on various media. Whether viewed on tablets or a widescreen computer monitor, the design should stay the same. No blurred lines or distortions, whatsoever.

Versatility also matters since a logo needs to be scaled for various print ads, such as billboards and posters, and for digital marketing platforms.

Even for small business owners, it is important to create a logo design that is highly adaptable.

Ask yourself whether this is compatible for coloured or black-and-white printing, and whether the purpose is retained even when scaled down to about 2 cm in size. In addition to these, imagine if the design will look bland when scaled to the size of a billboard advert.

For a good example of a flexible design, you check out the City of Melbourne logo for insights.

3. Imitative

There might have been trends when it comes to branding and graphic design because of consumer demand, but through a few generator programmes online, you may recognise significant and recent patterns used by hundreds of companies across the globe.

Do you have to follow the latest design trends, or should you steer clear from these? If you want your brand to stand out, then you have to rely on more than just derivation. Time to befriend a custom logo specialist.

If you think that you can redesign your current logo instead, then you might as well do it.

Take for instance the motor company, BMW. Since 1916, their logo design has only gone through five changes, mostly for style improvement.

4. Unremarkable

When you look at Lego, you will feel playful and cheery. With Mercedes-Benz, you will get a sense of extravagance and luxury. So what makes popular brands special aside from a simple design?

Apart from the aesthetics, Paul Rand, a design expert, has stated three important points crucial for creating logos: memorable, distinctive, and clear. It should not only look appealing. It should also have something original and valuable to offer to its consumers.

For your brand to communicate its value proposition effectively, you have to make sure that your logo is unique and unforgettable.

5. Mismatched

Do you know that colours have meanings? For example, red means danger, anger, passion, and importance. Meanwhile, orange symbolises health, vitality, and energy.

When it comes to designing a logo, you have to choose both primary and secondary colours that match the characteristics of your brand or organisation. In doing so, you get to send the right message across to your consumers.

Even when you have the best design, having the wrong colours will make a bad impression. Therefore, it is essential to check out colour theory first before deciding on a colour scheme. When you buy logos on sites such as Fivver and Upwork, you might receive cheap logos with inappropriate colour choices, a hallmark sign for cheap designs.


6. Inappropriate

More than the colour selection, a lot of graphic design experts have also stressed the importance of these six fundamental design principles: balance, proximity, alignment, repetition, contrast, and space to how design is perceived by a consumer. All these work together to help you communicate your brand’s message.

Balance, for example, calls to human’s natural attraction to patterns. Contrast, on the other hand, when done sufficiently, can help people with visual disorders navigate around the image you’re presenting through your logo.

So when you ignore even one, your logo loses its meaning. All you will get is an obscure and badly designed representation of your company.

It is vital that you get your logo right the first time, what with rebranding being more difficult than creating from scratch and even more expensive. The risk of losing money when a logo does not work is also high, which is no sensible entrepreneur would want to experience.

And yes, logos do turn out wrong. If it happened to Gap, it can happen to you too if you’re not careful.

Here’s one thing you should remember though; there is a cheap logo that costs less but is of high quality and a cheap logo because of a poorly developed design.

To ensure that you get the former rather than the latter, opt for reasonable design packages of cheap logo design in Melbourne done by trusted designers.

Clark Marketing & Design offers outstanding logo design and graphic design services in Melbourne. With a belief that logo design should be creative and strategic, you can trust us to deliver high-quality goods for a reasonable price.

Call us right now at 03 9739 5445 and get your business logo right the first time.

Which logo do you preferer?

Clients original cheap logo


NEW logo design by Clark Marketing & Design

Make Your Business Logo Sell Out

Make Your Business Logo Sell Out

7 Useful Tips for an Effective Business Logo.

The city of Melbourne is dominated by small businesses, taking up 83% of the commercial pie. This is why this city is called the start-up hub in Australia.

If you’re one of these small-sized companies, you’re competing against small to large enterprises. How in the world will you make your brand stand out?

Because of the tight competition between brands, the need to stand out amongst all other market clutters is strong. In order to do this, you need to do more than just make your products trustworthy.

You also need a business logo that is easy to remember.

Your business logo is the signature of your brand. This is your banner. This is where your prospect market gets the first impression of your brand.

If done correctly, it can open windows of limitless opportunities for your business to grow in whatever business sector you are in.

But how can you create an outstanding logo?

Recipe for a Sell-out Business Logo.

1. Hire only the right designers.

If you want to avoid logo design disasters and whatever repercussions that follow them, don’t settle for anything less than experts of logo design Melbourne has. The best ones can provide you with a high-quality logo that costs less.

In a complex economy like that of Melbourne, you need to thrive as a start-up to make your business flourish. In order to do this, you need to have the best design for your logo. Choose a firm that allows you to have a direct dialogue with the designer so the design is made based on two valuable factors:

  • Your input of what your brand is about and your company’s mission and vision.
  • Your designer’s input as to what will make a logo design speak to your target audience with the right message.

In other words, it will be a collaboration between someone who knows what the business is really all about and someone who knows which logo design works best with your kind of brand and marketing needs.

2. Keep it simple and consistent.

If you think that you need to create a very intricate logo to be unique, you’re wrong. Take a look at business giants, like Nike, McDonald’s, Apple, Windows, Adidas, Toyota, and other classic brands that thrived and flourished in the industry.

They do have one common denominator – simplicity and consistency. Common knowledge about art psychology plays a role as well, which includes a balance between white spaces, the rules of shapes and colours, and the emotions different fonts create.

Business logos with simple and consistent designs sell fast because these are what consumers easily perceive and remember. Most people most likely look at a logo for just a split second. How can a complicated logo design stand out or achieve its purpose when it takes more than just a split second to figure it out?

3. Learn the Psychology of Colours.

Even when you choose an affordable logo design, it will still pay off as long as the designer you hire knows about the important facts of art and the colour psychology. Learning about what every colour means is as important as choosing the right ingredient for your product.

Take the food industry as an example. Why do the famous food chains, like McDonald’s or Hungry Jacks, use red and yellow colours? It is simply because of the fact that these colours catch attention and create aggression or the urge to interact, which then makes even passers-by think (most of the time) of eating at the nearest branch even if it isn’t their initial plan.

4. Don’t follow trends. Make it unique and timeless.

Trends come and go, and so would a logo that is crafted out of the current trend. Italicised lettering, globe design for a global brand, aeroplanes for an aviation company, pizza slice for a pizza business, and other “obvious” designs won’t simply last long. Worse, they will never stand out.

Observe Nike’s swoosh design, or Apple’s apple-with-a-bite, and Playboy’s bunny. Those are bold, unique, and ageless logo designs that can take up valuable space in almost everybody’s mind forever.

5. Consider where and how your logo will be used.

When choosing a logo design, anticipate as to how or where your logo will be used. Will your logo still appeal to your customers and passers-by when you drop the lettering and leave the icon?

Will it still appear attractive on small business cards, on billboards, on vehicles, on delivery trucks, on employee’s uniforms, as an app icon, as wallpaper, on brochures, flyers, in black-and-white, and other marketing platforms?

So, think about how your business logo depicts your company values however it is used.

6. Make it Dynamic.

It is essential to choose a simple logo design because of the flexibility and adaptability that it offers over time. Society is constantly changing, and so must your brand logo.

So, when choosing a logo design, make sure that it can be changed or redesigned (whenever necessary) into something modern to keep up with the changing society and technology.

Just take Microsoft’s Windows logo, Holden, Telstra, BP, and other big names in the different business sectors in Australia. They transformed their logo designs without causing confusion among their customers.

7. Conduct a pilot testing.

How else will you know if your logo would sell out if you don’t try them out with a certain test group? Conduct an experiment where you introduce your logo with others of the same products. If they pick your logo over anything else, you are doing something right. Otherwise, make improvements until you do.

Throughout the process, hire the best logo designers Melbourne offers. Doing so will help you reach your goals faster.

Build a Name for Your Product

Even with the best products on hand, your marketing efforts would fail without the best business logo. People are more likely to trust a brand if the logo generates a warm feeling or symbolises trust and care. This is why you need a logo that is recognisable and makes the best impression.

To this end, hire custom logo experts from Clark Marketing & Design. We understand the strategic and creative process of logo design. With our help, you can build a name for your product in the form of a powerful visual.

Call us today at 03 9739 5445 and get started.