Your business logo or company logo plays a big part in branding and marketing your business – but if you already have one, why would it need to be redesigned?

A logo is the element that visually defines your business, distinguishes you from your competitors and that your customers recognise and remember your business by. If your logo isn’t right for your business, it could be sending the wrong message, not connecting with your target market, or simply making your business look unprofessional.

From time to time you’ll need to review your logo to ensure it is the best logo design for your business, and if not, redesign it. So when would a logo need to be redesigned?

Your business has evolved

Whether the evolution in your business has been in the audience you target, your product/service offering, your position in the market place or one of the many other changes that can happen in a business, your existing logo and branding more than likely don’t reflect the evolved business properly.

A change in your target market’s preferences

While your core business offering may not change, the way your business is branded may need to change to reflect the preferences of your target market.

Your logo looks dated

Design trends and the sort of graphics consumers respond to change over time, and while they can change quite gradually, if you’ve had your logo for a number of years it’s very possible that it could look dated. If you and more importantly your customers are beginning to think so then this is the time to definitely consider a new or updated logo design.

Your logo was not designed well to begin with

When a business is starting out, the logo you begin with may not be the best for a number of reasons. It could be that there wasn’t much of a budget to have a logo professionally designed, or the businesses message and identity weren’t well defined so the original logo design didn’t have a chance to reflect the business well.

If any of these scenarios rings true to your business, it’s a good sign that your logo is in line for a redesign.

Below is an example of just one logo redesign we have completed for a client in Melbourne.