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Social Media Marketing

What you need to know!

Just having a social media account is not enough to attract people to your brand or business. It is more vital to come up with an effective social media marketing strategy.

The right social media management can effectively attract more people to check your business profiles or accounts, boost more engagements with them, and turn your followers into potential customers.

But it’s not just about posting anything about your brand but doing publishing content based on a strategy that suits your business. That’s why you should come up with a winning social media marketing plan to guide you through.


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To draft an effective social media strategy, here are a few important points to consider:

1.Make sure you post frequently

This social media strategy will help you supply sufficient content on your page for people to see without worrying about the negative effects of bulk posting.

If you don’t have enough time to post every one or two days, you can use social media post schedulers to help you out. Say, you can create 7 posts for each day of the week in one sitting, then schedule them to be published one by one.

2. Use video content

Post video content in-between text and image content. Add variety to your posts to draw attention and increase engagements.
Video content is undeniably a significant key to any successful social media marketing strategy. This is because videos attract viewers easier, instead of merely putting a wall of texts on your posts. Of course, videos also efficiently entertain your followers while knowing more about your business too.

3. Create engaging content

Hundreds of posts are useless if they don’t engage your target audience or get them talking about you or with you. Engagements tell you that your audience is interested in your stuff.

Needless to say, they help increase conversion rates through your social media content, turning your audience into potential or actual customers.


4. Research your competitors (and their users)

If you want to gain the advantage over your competitors, know more about them. Aside from merely knowing about their business, don’t miss to have a look at their social media pages as well.

Doing so would easily give you clues and ideas about developing the best social media strategy. You will know what you can learn and improve from them. Of course, you can also search more about the steps they’re missing, which you can implement and optimise.

Aside from your competitors, you should also learn about their users or customers. Learn more about their target audience and you will learn how to adjust your demographics accordingly.
This could also help you know what these people want to see for more engagements on your social media page.

5. Choose the most important metrics for your business

Compared to SEO, social media is equally important when it comes to getting high rankings on search engines. It’s also important to know about the vital metrics in planning for a social media marketing campaign and know which among those could fit your business well. This can help you a lot in gaining leverage in using your social media accounts for your advantage.
That’s because metrics can show which points you to need to enhance and which you should maintain.

Say, you have a certain type of video advertisement. If metrics show that there is a small number of engagements, then you should consider changing your video concepts.

On the other hand, if you’ve noticed certain content acquiring huge engagement rates, then you should do more posts like it.

6. Improve your social profiles

Aside from merely focusing on your social media content, you should not miss improving your social media profiles. This sounds very obvious, but it’s something to include in your social media marketing strategy.

Your social media profiles should look great to acquire more visitors and make people subscribe or stay.

Moreover, they should present all the vital details about your business, such as information on the stuff you offer. Of course, don’t miss to put your complete and updated contact details as well, so people could easily connect with you.

This helps you appear reliable for your audience, which will make your brand name sound more credible than your competitors.

Aside from merely acquiring more visitors, subscribers, or followers, polishing your social media profiles can do wonders in converting visitors into actual customers.

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