Content! That is why people visit your web site. Give your potential customers the information they want and need. Here are four quick and easy tips to get you started, or to review your existing web site pages.

1. Engage your readers immediately:

Your home page should establish, right away, who you are, what business you are in, what products or services you provide, and what sets you apart from your competitors. Anyone should be able to glance at your home page and understand all of these things right away. There should be no question as to what you do and the benefit you provide.

2. Simplify your text and write for your audience.

Every business uses their own terminology and jargon. Jargon doesn’t help anyone. As yourself can people understand your text? Think about your audience and reword those confusing sentences.

3. Don’t overdo it:

People don’t have all day. Put key information in succinct paragraphs on the page. Waffling is not for the web.

4. Page Objectives:

When writing content, make a mental note of what your goal is for the page (e.g. encourage clients to call you) and try to guess what the users’ goal is (e.g. to get more relevant information.) Match the two (e.g. “To find out more simply call us on……”) and you’re set, with a positive call to action.

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