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Get the Best From Google Ads

Google Ads best practices

Frustrated with Google Ads? Even Google says “Google Ads makes it easy” and “create your first ad in just a few steps.”

Oh, so easy, just a few steps….and often lots of mistakes, and those precious dollars simply flushed away!

If you’ve tried unsuccessfully to advertise on Google, then there may well be a multitude of reasons why, you may wish to talk to us about our AdWord management services, but if not and you want to push on yourself.


Here are 4x Google Ads best practices, you should take note of:


1. Avoid broad keyword terms.

When it comes to your keywords, If your keywords are too broad, Google may be placing your ads in front of the wrong target audience which means fewer clicks and much higher unproductive ad spends.

Whilst at the beginning of a new campaign this sometimes can’t be avoided, make sure you regularly review your ads to see what’s working (i.e. which of your keywords are generating clicks) and adjust them to best match your ads with your target audience.
You most likely won’t get it right the first time, but you should keep adding, removing, and adjusting your keywords until you do.

2. Don’t run irrelevant ads that don’t match the searcher’s intent.

If your ad doesn’t match the searcher’s intent, you won’t get enough clicks to justify your ad spend.

Your headline and advert copy need to match the keywords you’re bidding on, and the solution your ad is marketing needs to solve whatever the searcher is seeking, be it a solution, product or service.

3. Improve your Ad quality score

Your Ad quality score is basically, how Google determines how your ad should rank. The better your quality score, the higher your rank, which means better ad placements.

If your quality score is low, you’ll have fewer eyes and less visibility on your ads and fewer chances to achieve your goals.

4. Optimise your ad landing page.

Simply placing an ad on Google Ads is often simply not good enough!

Even if you have a standout, highly targeted, eye-catching advert, that gets clicks, what’s critical is the user experience, landing on your website page after they click.

Is your landing page optimised for conversions, which means does it use the same keywords as in your ad? Does the page solve your user’s intent for searching, answer their question, or provide the product or service they are seeking? Your user should experience a seamless transition through to the website page and the conversion.

If you are frustrated with Google Ads then we would love to help you. Find out why you should choose us for Google AdWords Management Melbourne.


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