We are constantly building websites for clients in Melbourne and throughout Australia. Many of our new clients are either new businesses, or ones that have been established for some time, who now want to embrace the Internet with their own website.

Some think, “If they build it – they will come,” and we wish that was true. However, simply building a website is not the only piece of the online success puzzle – you also have to be found and stand out.
In this article we answer some basic questions we are often asked when discussing the importance of building a website that is search engine optimised as well as performing ongoing SEO.

SEO-BasicsWhat is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. In other words, making it easier for your current and potential customers to find your website through search engines like Google and Bing
There are hundreds of factors that influence the list of websites a search engine returns when you search for something. However, to return this list of websites, essentially the search engines delve deep into their database of the billions of web pages they have indexed and do two main things: first, they look for the results that are relevant to your query, and second, they rank those relevant results in order of perceived importance.
SEO is designed to influence the “relevance” and “importance” of your website to the search engines for the search terms that people may use to find your products or services. The goal is to have your website ranked highly by the search engines for these queries.

How can SEO help my business?

With proper SEO on your website, more people can find you online which means more potential customers and revenue for your business. Whether the purpose of your website is to drive customers into your brick and mortar store, to have them pick up the phone and call you or to make a purchase online, SEO gets people to your website.

Why do I need SEO?

The Internet reaches more people than any television commercial, newspaper or magazine advertisement or radio commercial. Compared to these mediums, promotional dollars put towards SEO can provide some of the biggest returns on any investment you can make for your business by driving lead generation, marketing, brand awareness and just about everything in between which all lead to increased revenue.

Can SEO really work for my business?SEO-services-melbourne

SEO works for any and every business, service, brand, event, or other online entity you can imagine. It allows you to put your business in front of the people who are actively searching the queries that are relevant to your business.

The world of SEO is complex and constantly changing with hundreds of factors influencing any website. Having a website built well from an SEO perspective is part of the puzzle for success, however ongoing SEO is the key for higher rankings and on-going success.

In 2015 Clark Marketing & Design will be releasing a strictly limited number of outstanding value SEO packages, each customised for specific businesses and industries. If part of your 2015 marketing plans are to really get your website firing and ranking high, we suggest you call us to find out more, or email us at info@clarkmarketing.com.au