When thinking about your Social Media posts from a business perspective, it is to grow your following and get people interacting with your page and content.

So, the question is how do you get people to connect with you and each other, react and share your posts and think about your posts differently?

If your Social Media Posts aren’t hitting these notes below, then they should be!


1. Inform

All good Social Media Posts should be informative, not every single one but certainly the majority of them. These posts are usually short and sweet and are crafted to inform your users. They can provide a change in hours or remind users of your hours, introduce a new product or service or highlight a specific product attribute or service. Have links to blogs with excellent information, offer tips and tricks related to your business or even announce a sale or other event.

You need to think of the bigger picture when creating posts that inform people, a great example of this would be to let your customers know that there is, for example, a great event going on locally, or if you will be closed for the Christmas Holidays.

2. Engage

Social Media Post TipsUsing engaging posts can be huge, especially since Facebook has attempted to return to a more friendly and family driven platform. When you comment on a post which in turn starts a conversation, the Facebook algorithm looks at the original poster as having shared something of value, which in turn makes them more visible to others on their network. Makes sense, right? So, when you post as a business post to get a conversation started, Facebook just loves it.

It is important not to “bait” a conversation so basically instead of saying “Vote With” or “Comment With” it is better to start a conversation by saying that you are interested in other people’s thoughts and comments on “topic of conversation”. Don’t just stop there, be sure to be engaging back by liking and commenting on other people’s comments.

Basically, responding to each comment and not just hitting the “Like” button. Quizzes, contests, trivia and sharing posts related to other user comments are all a great way to do this.

3. Connect

Most things in life come down to relationships with everyone, right? So, it makes sense that relationships are an important part of your social media posts.

Ensure to form relationships with influencers and aspire to become one yourself. By pointing your followers to others you’ll build credibility as someone who understands that you’re not the only person with something to share. Believe it or not – this is more respected than accounts that act as if they are the end all and be all.

Sharing is caring, right? If you have a Plant Nursery, connect your followers to accounts that are purely focussed on gardening and plants etc. You will be surprised just how quickly these accounts will pay it forward and start sending people your way. Always tag other pages and accounts in your posts, use hot hashtags and like and comment on influencer’s posts.

4. Entertain

It is really important to just sometimes have some fun! When you share a cute video, or post to get a laugh or a smile, users appreciate it.

Social-Media Posts-Must Do'sSometimes it’s really easy to continually shove products and services down your follower’s throats, so to engage in something a little less “serious” is a great thing. Try to keep it personal as in if you are an animal lover or an outdoorsy person, then do some funny animal posts which entertain extremely well. Or post something about a new walk you intend to do on the weekend with some pics of the area.

Other ways to entertain are by using well-known hashtags like #thankgoditsfriday #teammonday #sundaysleepins, the list goes on and on.

5. Promote

Basically, at the end of the day, you want people to purchase your products or services from you, refer you to their friends and so it goes. That is the whole point of Social Media for your business. You do have to promote your business and specific items and services. At times it can feel a little “awks” when you feel you are being a little bit salesy but that’s the whole point of your social media account for your business, after all.

Without being pushy there are plenty of ways to promote your business, services and products. You could try sharing testimonials with links to your products. Post engaging videos or how to videos with links. Creating behind the scenes videos that show the care and expertise that goes into creating your products or delivering your services.

How to incorporate these 5 actions into your Social Media Posts

Not all posts can do everything all of the time! If they did your posts would be like “War & Peace”. Keep your posts simple but try and get them to function on several levels.

Try and plan a post each day, focusing on one aspect daily, but more importantly try and
#inform #engage #connect #entertain and #promote – and see the difference it starts to make with your Social Media planning.

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