6 Telling Signs That Indicate a Logo Design Is Cheap

How can you tell when a logo design is cheap?

You might have received feedback from your patrons and contemporaries regarding this, and have now thought about rebranding. But before you go any further, you first have to know what made the logo cheap in the first place.

It is really important to have a better way to represent your brand and a poorly designed logo won’t cut it. It is supposed to serve as your brand’s signature, after all. This means only a powerful visual element will do.

So how about you take another look at your logo and see if it is visually powerful.

  • Does it show how your business is different from your competitors?
  • Does it reflect how you do things differently?
  • Does it show exactly how special your brand is from that of the competition?

Images are processed and judged 60,000 times quicker than texts. This brings back to creating a visual that is powerful.

If you are a professional graphics designer, you might also know a couple design principles that have a direct correlation to behavioural psychology. So, even though an average consumer may not point out what is technically wrong, the feeling it gives you will be obvious.

Which is why these telling signs will help you evaluate and immediately spot a cheap logo design.

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1. Too Complex

Recall a few recognisable logos like McDonalds, Apple, and Nike. What do they have in common? If you have thought that they have a simple logo design, then you are right.

In fact, throughout the years, famous companies, such as Shell, Microsoft, and Pepsi, have revised their logos and made these even simpler than before. As what Meg Hoppe of HubSpot has pointed out, people do not have the time to dissect a visually intricate image.

When there are too many colours, details, complicated font styles or other elements, the logo may start to look confusing, which eventually will not make a good impression on consumers. Having a complex logo is often counter-intuitive.

Instead of making the brand look fancy and high-class, you end up with something that others may find annoying.

2. Not Flexible

Nowadays, it is important for a logo to look attractive and stay readable on various media. Whether viewed on tablets or a widescreen computer monitor, the design should stay the same. No blurred lines or distortions, whatsoever.

Versatility also matters since a logo needs to be scaled for various print ads, such as billboards and posters, and for digital marketing platforms.

Even for small business owners, it is important to create a logo design that is highly adaptable.

Ask yourself whether this is compatible for coloured or black-and-white printing, and whether the purpose is retained even when scaled down to about 2 cm in size. In addition to these, imagine if the design will look bland when scaled to the size of a billboard advert.

For a good example of a flexible design, you check out the City of Melbourne logo for insights.

3. Imitative

There might have been trends when it comes to branding and graphic design because of consumer demand, but through a few generator programmes online, you may recognise significant and recent patterns used by hundreds of companies across the globe.

Do you have to follow the latest design trends, or should you steer clear from these? If you want your brand to stand out, then you have to rely on more than just derivation. Time to befriend a custom logo specialist.

If you think that you can redesign your current logo instead, then you might as well do it.

Take for instance the motor company, BMW. Since 1916, their logo design has only gone through five changes, mostly for style improvement.

4. Unremarkable

When you look at Lego, you will feel playful and cheery. With Mercedes-Benz, you will get a sense of extravagance and luxury. So what makes popular brands special aside from a simple design?

Apart from the aesthetics, Paul Rand, a design expert, has stated three important points crucial for creating logos: memorable, distinctive, and clear. It should not only look appealing. It should also have something original and valuable to offer to its consumers.

For your brand to communicate its value proposition effectively, you have to make sure that your logo is unique and unforgettable.

5. Mismatched

Do you know that colours have meanings? For example, red means danger, anger, passion, and importance. Meanwhile, orange symbolises health, vitality, and energy.

When it comes to designing a logo, you have to choose both primary and secondary colours that match the characteristics of your brand or organisation. In doing so, you get to send the right message across to your consumers.

Even when you have the best design, having the wrong colours will make a bad impression. Therefore, it is essential to check out colour theory first before deciding on a colour scheme. When you buy logos on sites such as Fivver and Upwork, you might receive cheap logos with inappropriate colour choices, a hallmark sign for cheap designs.


6. Inappropriate

More than the colour selection, a lot of graphic design experts have also stressed the importance of these six fundamental design principles: balance, proximity, alignment, repetition, contrast, and space to how design is perceived by a consumer. All these work together to help you communicate your brand’s message.

Balance, for example, calls to human’s natural attraction to patterns. Contrast, on the other hand, when done sufficiently, can help people with visual disorders navigate around the image you’re presenting through your logo.

So when you ignore even one, your logo loses its meaning. All you will get is an obscure and badly designed representation of your company.

It is vital that you get your logo right the first time, what with rebranding being more difficult than creating from scratch and even more expensive. The risk of losing money when a logo does not work is also high, which is no sensible entrepreneur would want to experience.

And yes, logos do turn out wrong. If it happened to Gap, it can happen to you too if you’re not careful.

Here’s one thing you should remember though; there is a cheap logo that costs less but is of high quality and a cheap logo because of a poorly developed design.

To ensure that you get the former rather than the latter, opt for reasonable design packages of cheap logo design in Melbourne done by trusted designers.

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