SEO-MelbourneSEO or Search Engine Optimisation

Being involved in Search Engine Optimisation or SEO for many of our Melbourne and interstate clients we sometimes take things for granted. One occasion, which occurred recently was with a new client where we were briefly discussing a suggested online strategy for their proposed website in terms of SEO. The client began to look at us with a very ‘glazed expression!’

What we took as a ‘given,’ being that they had a basic understanding of what SEO was, they in fact, as a new business owner, simply had no idea of what SEO was, and had only vaguely heard of the term SEO.

Hence we thought it useful to write this very, very simple explanation of what SEO is.

What Is SEO – A Simple Explanation?

Search Engine Optimisation, often referred to as SEO, is the process and the list of methods used to bring a website or web page to a high-ranking position on a search engine results page. The higher the website or website page is listed on Search Engine such as Google or Bing, the more likelihood the website will be clicked on and visited compared to other websites that are found on the second page or third page of a Search Engine.

Why is SEO Important?

There are currently around some 14 Trillion, that’s 14,000,000,000,000 web pages on the World Wide Web and every website and keyword or keyword phrase (what you type into a search bar when searching) is different. Search Engines such as Google are very, very clever, as well as being incredibly complex and secretive in interpreting the search queries to give the most relevant results

Search Engine Optimisation through the process of tailoring a website’s structure, content and linkages with other sites helps improve its visibility in the search results, in other words, SEO helps your website get found online.

The competition for website online visibility and rankings is an increasingly daunting and elusive task for many businesses wanting to get into the top positions on Google. However with quality SEO that is applied to your website getting to the top of Google rankings can have a very positive impact on your business and more importantly, can increase your income!