SEO-tips-melbourneUnlike Title Tags and Description Tags, which are visible on a Search Engine Results page, a Heading Tag is visible on the web page, it will usually be the largest text that stands out.

In comparison to normal text its shown more like this:

This is a Heading 


It is important from Search Engine point of view as Search Engines may acquire the information about the page from the heading tag, especially h1 tag.

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Example of h1 Heading Tag

There is no character limit to a heading tag but it is normal to keep it as short as possible, to capture the visitor’s eye. To help with the SEO, the heading tag should contain your targeted keyword. It is also recommended that the keyword is placed towards the start of the heading tag.
You can have more than one heading tag on a page, but it should be in a hierarchy of h1 to h6.

Heading Tag Optimisation Checklist:

  • Do you have a h1 tag on each web page?
  • Do you have your targeted keyword in the h1 tag and is it placed towards the beginning of the tag?
  • Is the heading tag content unique?

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