Google has been going on about getting your web site mobile friendly and optimised for at least the last year. We’re seeing a massive upswing in mobile usage especially in the last twelve months and it’s not unusual to see web sites with a high percentage of mobile usage.

Now Google have been making official announcements and warnings that state if your website is not meeting Google’s requirements for mobile users, your website will lose rankings in mobile search!

Here’s an example of a message direct from Google:


You can’t afford to ignore these Google warnings, especially if you rely on mobile search for high rankings, and whilst we have not seen any significant shifts in client’s mobile search rankings at this stage, for Google to make these warnings on a mass scale, it basically implies that something must be coming in terms of a new Google Algorithm for mobile searches.

So if you were ranked number 1 for something in Google mobile search and that page is not optimised for mobile, then you could be saying goodbye to the rankings and traffic!

How to check if your website is mobile-friendly

Google has a tool that enables you to check if your website is mobile-friendly. It’s simple and straightforward to use; simply enter the URL of your website, click the analyze button and it will quickly give you a result.

Here’s the link:

All going well, if your website is mobile –friendly you will get a message like this:


Websites that pass Google’s test will be labeled with “mobile-friendly” on Google’s search result pages for mobile

What can you do if your website fails the test?

Unfortunately many older websites may fail the test, even some that have just been built in the past 12 months! The ‘fixes’ will be very much dependant upon each individual website, its age and the platform it was originally built on.

If your website fails the test we suggest you contact us direct for alternate solutions to ensure your website becomes mobile-friendly.

The overriding message here is the growth in mobile has and will continue to be significant and therefore it’s time to get your website in order or be lost in Google mobile search!

UPDATE: Date for new Google Mobile Algorithm Announced – get the details here.