Minimalistic logos – we love them, and it doesn’t get much more minimal than that classic Nike Swoosh logo. The design is simple, straightforward, iconic and you’d be hard-pressed to find someone that doesn’t know the company it represents or what it stands for.

Minimalistic logos are simple and clean making their design easy to remember and stand out. They are one of the ‘in’ things in graphic design these days for brand marks to product badges on websites.

Minimalism is a design approach that maximises simplicity and capitalising on space. The technique is found across creative mediums from visual arts to music and literature, and of course, in design of all kinds. The minimalist way may seem effortless, but don’t be fooled into believing that it is empty or boring. While minimalist methodology subscribes to a “less is more” approach, the strategic use of restraint can produce serious impact. Nowhere is that truer than in creating a symbol of your brand. Incorporating a minimalist approach to your logo design can solidify your place in the market place as a contemporary product or brand.

A simple, minimalistic logo is easy to remember, identifiable at a glance and a great tool to help you connect with users.

Here are some great examples of minimalistic logos we like, each one simple, creative and beautiful.


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