7 Useful Tips for an Effective Business Logo.

The city of Melbourne is dominated by small businesses, taking up 83% of the commercial pie. This is why this city is called the start-up hub in Australia.

If you’re one of these small-sized companies, you’re competing against small to large enterprises. How in the world will you make your brand stand out?

Because of the tight competition between brands, the need to stand out amongst all other market clutters is strong. In order to do this, you need to do more than just make your products trustworthy.

You also need a business logo that is easy to remember.

Your business logo is the signature of your brand. This is your banner. This is where your prospect market gets the first impression of your brand.

If done correctly, it can open windows of limitless opportunities for your business to grow in whatever business sector you are in.

But how can you create an outstanding logo?

Recipe for a Sell-out Business Logo.

1. Hire only the right designers.

If you want to avoid logo design disasters and whatever repercussions that follow them, don’t settle for anything less than experts of logo design Melbourne has. The best ones can provide you with a high-quality logo that costs less.

In a complex economy like that of Melbourne, you need to thrive as a start-up to make your business flourish. In order to do this, you need to have the best design for your logo. Choose a firm that allows you to have a direct dialogue with the designer so the design is made based on two valuable factors:

  • Your input of what your brand is about and your company’s mission and vision.
  • Your designer’s input as to what will make a logo design speak to your target audience with the right message.

In other words, it will be a collaboration between someone who knows what the business is really all about and someone who knows which logo design works best with your kind of brand and marketing needs.

2. Keep it simple and consistent.

If you think that you need to create a very intricate logo to be unique, you’re wrong. Take a look at business giants, like Nike, McDonald’s, Apple, Windows, Adidas, Toyota, and other classic brands that thrived and flourished in the industry.

They do have one common denominator – simplicity and consistency. Common knowledge about art psychology plays a role as well, which includes a balance between white spaces, the rules of shapes and colours, and the emotions different fonts create.

Business logos with simple and consistent designs sell fast because these are what consumers easily perceive and remember. Most people most likely look at a logo for just a split second. How can a complicated logo design stand out or achieve its purpose when it takes more than just a split second to figure it out?

3. Learn the Psychology of Colours.

Even when you choose an affordable logo design, it will still pay off as long as the designer you hire knows about the important facts of art and the colour psychology. Learning about what every colour means is as important as choosing the right ingredient for your product.

Take the food industry as an example. Why do the famous food chains, like McDonald’s or Hungry Jacks, use red and yellow colours? It is simply because of the fact that these colours catch attention and create aggression or the urge to interact, which then makes even passers-by think (most of the time) of eating at the nearest branch even if it isn’t their initial plan.

4. Don’t follow trends. Make it unique and timeless.

Trends come and go, and so would a logo that is crafted out of the current trend. Italicised lettering, globe design for a global brand, aeroplanes for an aviation company, pizza slice for a pizza business, and other “obvious” designs won’t simply last long. Worse, they will never stand out.

Observe Nike’s swoosh design, or Apple’s apple-with-a-bite, and Playboy’s bunny. Those are bold, unique, and ageless logo designs that can take up valuable space in almost everybody’s mind forever.

5. Consider where and how your logo will be used.

When choosing a logo design, anticipate as to how or where your logo will be used. Will your logo still appeal to your customers and passers-by when you drop the lettering and leave the icon?

Will it still appear attractive on small business cards, on billboards, on vehicles, on delivery trucks, on employee’s uniforms, as an app icon, as wallpaper, on brochures, flyers, in black-and-white, and other marketing platforms?

So, think about how your business logo depicts your company values however it is used.

6. Make it Dynamic.

It is essential to choose a simple logo design because of the flexibility and adaptability that it offers over time. Society is constantly changing, and so must your brand logo.

So, when choosing a logo design, make sure that it can be changed or redesigned (whenever necessary) into something modern to keep up with the changing society and technology.

Just take Microsoft’s Windows logo, Holden, Telstra, BP, and other big names in the different business sectors in Australia. They transformed their logo designs without causing confusion among their customers.

7. Conduct a pilot testing.

How else will you know if your logo would sell out if you don’t try them out with a certain test group? Conduct an experiment where you introduce your logo with others of the same products. If they pick your logo over anything else, you are doing something right. Otherwise, make improvements until you do.

Throughout the process, hire the best logo designers Melbourne offers. Doing so will help you reach your goals faster.

Build a Name for Your Product

Even with the best products on hand, your marketing efforts would fail without the best business logo. People are more likely to trust a brand if the logo generates a warm feeling or symbolises trust and care. This is why you need a logo that is recognisable and makes the best impression.

To this end, hire custom logo experts from Clark Marketing & Design. We understand the strategic and creative process of logo design. With our help, you can build a name for your product in the form of a powerful visual.

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