We are often asked, “How do you go about creating a logo?

Given that a logo is the most important element of business branding, a lot of work goes into creating a standout design that distinguishes your business.

It’s not just about graphic design though; we believe both a strategic and creative process is what creates a logo that not only looks great, but works for your business.

We have an in depth process that we follow to achieve this. A simplified version of our process is as follows:

Logo Design Stage 1:
We create a logo design brief

To create the logo design brief, we start by speaking with you to gain an understanding of your business and your business goals. You will also complete a questionnaire (or we can complete it for you as we ask the questions) where you can tell us more information about your preferences for the logo design, such as things you like and dislike about existing logos and colours you prefer to be used in your design. In the questionnaire we also gather some finer details about your business including your position in the market place and the demographics of your target audience.

Logo Design Stage 2:
We then review your needs and research your industry

As well as taking the time to get a proper understanding of your business, we also research your industry and competitor’s logos. This gives us a good feel for the sort of logo design we can create to position your business the way you want in the market. While doing this research, we begin to consider many things including colours, fonts and initial ideas for your logo design.

Logo Design Stage 3:
We create the concepts for your logo

Drawing on the design brief and our research, we use our creativity and work on many ideas to design up to 3 initial concepts for your logo. Some ideas will be deemed good and some may be deemed bad, however we believe there is no such thing as a bad idea as often the feedback a client provides us can help us to understand the things they do like when we refine the designs.

Here is an example of 3 preliminary concepts we’ve created for a client:



Logo Design Stage 4:
You give us feedback on the concepts and we refine the design

Once you’ve reviewed the initial concepts, we ask for your feedback on everything including graphics, colours, fonts, text positioning and more. We work with you to continue to refine your logo, and provide varying options until you are 100% satisfied with the design.


In the above example the client wanted to see some variations in fonts and colours

Logo Design Stage 5:
Your logo design is finalised and supplied to you

Logo-Design-Melbourne-FinalWhen you are completely happy with your business logo, we create a logo package for you and supply the completed design to you in different electronic formats so it is ready for printing, web use and other applications such as embroidery. These formats include:

  • CMYK digital format for printing use
  • RGB colour mode digital format for web use
  • PDF format for other applications

We also provide you with a full style, reference and usage guide booklet so that your logo can be used to its full potential and integrated to maintain consistency with your business branding.

Why not take a look at some of our logo designs or better still give us a call to discuss your logo design requirements.