Google-Panda-UpdateThere has certainly been rumblings in many SEO circles that the latest Panda refresh is coming, but is it too late to save your website?

The Panda algorithm targets websites with low quality or very shallow content. It also targets websites with such things as duplicated content, similar pages, or blog page articles utilising very similar or slight variations of keywords and content.

If your site was hit by the last Panda update and today you decide to refresh and update all your content, it still may be too late!

Google may have already run all the data for the Panda refresh but they have not yet pushed the release out. There are many stages of a Panda update and if it is coming soon, the data aspect may have already been refreshed by Google and the Panda Algorithm.

The key message here is that you should continually review your website content, check every aspect for duplicated content, and continue to add relevant, different, up-to-date and valuable content to your site.

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