Even in our digital age, the humble business card is still one of the cheapest and most effective marketing tools you can use for your business. In many cases, the business card you hand over can be one of the most important impressions you’ll make on a potential new client.

Business cards are also typically one of the least expensive marketing items your business can have and are a lasting selling tool, yet are often unfortunately given the least amount of thought.

While they remain effective and the basic requirements of providing all of your key contact information in a unique, attractive design remain the same, there are two things that have become increasingly important in the design and printing of your business cards:

Size Matters!

As we extend further into the digital age, we have more and more contact information to include on a business card. To fit this extra information in, the general trend has been to use smaller typefaces. This isn’t the best solution though. For your business card to be relevant and useful, it needs to be readable!

Rather than using a small typeface to fit all of your contact information in, you can keep your card readable by either spreading the information over two sides or by using a double business card which opens out like a book.

Quality Matters!

There are many do-it-yourself options available to create business cards cheaply, but they are really a false economy. These cheaper options will often save you just a few measly dollars and also leave you with a much lower quality business card.

Remember first impressions count! Your business card is a reflection on your business, and investing in quality business cards which present a positive and accurate impression is certainly worthwhile. With the many different card stocks and finishes available when you invest in quality cards, you can also choose materials that will help your business card stand out from your competition.

Business Card Review Checklist

Whether you have an existing business card or are planning a new one, take a couple of minutes to make sure it meets each of the following essentials for an effective business card:

  • The service/product you offer is clear.
  • All information is accurate, up to date and error free.
  • All relevant contact information is included such as phone number, web address, email address and postal/physical address.
  • The back of the card is used if necessary, or a double card if a lot of information is required.
  • The card is easy to read with a font large enough for your target audience.
  • There is good contrast between the ink colour and card colour.
  • It has a professional “look and feel” that matches the image you want your business to project.
  • Includes a logo or other graphic representation of your business.
  • Is printed on high quality card.

Any further suggestions re business cards, please let us know your thoughts?