When it comes to logo design and logo shapes, circles have been the most widely used shapes. When you think about it, circles are the most familiar shapes to a human, they’re practically everywhere!

The shapes of graphic symbols vary a lot, but one of the most commonly used in logo design is the circle.

Many marketing experts and logo designers have been tapping into the familiarity with the circle shape for a long, long time.

It’s amazing how many well-known; well-established companies have chosen to go with a circular logo. Is it ultimate in simplicity or does the circle make it more memorable, more of a poignant visual pointer in the consumer’s mind?

In fact, there’s a fair amount of symbolism and meaning associated with the circular shape. Circles have a positive meaning and suggest friendship, love, unity, stability and endurance. A circle itself is unending, which is why it can also signify infinity or wholeness. Think about rings, such as wedding rings they have an implication of marriage and partnership, suggesting stability and endurance!

It’s no surprise many large companies have their logos designed in the rounded form of a circle. Here are some of our favourite logo designs, designed in a circle. All of them are quite simple, memorable, everlasting, impressive, and stylish!

Are there other famous circle logo designs that come to mind?

Holden Logo
Volkswagon Logo
General Electric Logo
Firefox Logo
Target Logo