Web Redesign Melbourne & SEO Case Study

Web Redesign Melbourne & SEO Case Study

Client Background Information

CMD Bathroom Renovations and Plumbing Services are a bathroom renovation specialist situated in Melbourne’s Eastern suburbs. They initially engaged another Melbourne web designer to develop and build their website. Unfortunately after 7 months it was not finished to their satisfaction. Visually, content and navigation were poor. The site had no Google presence.

Website Before


What We Did To Rescue Them:

The first course of action was to gain a full understanding of their business and the type of clientele they wanted to attract by having a website, and their website objectives. It was immediately obvious the original site did not covey the right information, messages and imagery about what they offered, who they were targeting and the level of craftsmanship they produce when completing a bathroom renovation. The website needed a total overhaul!

Clark Marketing & Design had to work with the original website theme. All content and text was revised and implemented after important keyword research and competitor analysis was completed. Headline statements and text now showed what the site offered in less than three seconds. Hero Images showing the quality and craftsmanship of their bathroom renovations were added. Value content was added in the form of a frequently asked questions page, and elsewhere throughout the site. Easy navigation was incorporated and tailored to other key aspects of their business and their desired audience. A strong call to action on every page was paramount and consistent for when a prospective client needed to act. Finally close attention was paid to all Search Engine Optimisation factors.

The number one search that they wanted to aim for was a high ranking for the high volume key search term Bathroom Renovations Melbourne.

Results Website After:


Cleaner, content rich, highly search engine optimised website.

In the first month or so after launching the redesigned web site traffic began to increase steadily. For the client the phones began to ring and inquiries via email also increased. Clark Marketing & Design were reengaged to conduct on-going Search Engine Optimisation and web reviews. Within two months website traffic had increased nearly 9 fold with a significant number of hits, leads, quotes and jobs being secure daily.

Late in May 2013, the key search term Bathroom Renovations Melbourne, saw the new website achieve Google Page 1, Number 1 position ranking. Over the next few months a further 8 key search terms achieved Google Page 1, Number 1 position rankings!





See the website live here

or Google Bathroom Renovations Melbourne

What The Client Said:

“Wow! I just wanted to say that you have turned our business around! In 13 years of being in business, business has never been so good.!!! What you suggested and advised for the website has worked. The phones are running hot and what can I say, you have gone above and beyond what we expected – 8x GOOGLE PAGE 1 RANKINGS for all key search terms and phrases. Thank you so much!”


SEO in 2014: Two critical things you should pay attention to.

SEO in 2014: Two critical things you should pay attention to.

2013 was an eventful year in terms of updates from Google. You would have heard of updates with names such as Penguin, Panda, and Hummingbird all affecting how websites rank where websites appear (their position) on Google’s search engine results page.

Also in 2013, if you have been reading your Google Analytics reports you would have noticed the steady increase in Google encrypted data (not provided, not set). The vast majority of keyword and keyword phrases searches, are now no longer shown therefore making our ability to access keyword data for research purposes more difficult than ever before.

These factors alone make Search Engine Optimisation increasingly more challenging in 2014.

So what are two basic things you should be doing to increase your SEO performance results in 2014, and what has Google indicated?

1. Content Marketing in 2014 will be bigger than ever.

From an SEO perspective, Google will be looking closer at websites that have a strong content marketing effort.

Content is basically adding either new visual content, written content or auditory content, such as videos to your website. It includes everything from new articles and information text copy, blog posts, photos, video and more.

Companies that are producing high quality content that’s both engaging and informative on a regular basis, for their target audiences generally tend to perform better in Search Engine Results.

So tip number one is to review your website, and see when you last changed or added to your content. If its been a while, then you need to start considering what you can do that can add value on a regular basis targeted toward your audience.

From a Google perspective it shows signs that your website is alive, well and growing.

If you haven’t started with regular content marketing yet, it’s time to get moving now.

2. The Mobile Responsive Website

Website-Design-LilydaleHave you checked your website on a mobile phone or tablet device recently? Your website’s mobile performance matters to your SEO rankings!

The environment for accessing and viewing websites has changed dramatically in the last few years. Australia has one of the highest smartphone penetrations in the world. In fact Australians have adopted smartphones and tablets into their everyday lives faster than consumers in many other developed countries. Smartphone penetration has exploded to an estimated 84% in 2013, and continues to grow. The statistics for tablet computing devices are similar. The tablet has become the fastest selling computing device in history on a global scale with estimates that by the end of 2013, about 75% of Australians will also own a tablet, this up from just 12% 2010.

So nearly everyone is accessing your website on one type of portable device or another!

If you don’t have a mobile-optimised website, this needs to be on your top priority list in terms of SEO and design investments for 2014! 2014 will be the year of mobile SEO.

Of course there will be many other factors, old and new that will affect your website’s performance this year, but ensuring you develop a high quality content marketing strategy and make sure you website is mobile responsive will be a good start.


Website Design and Google Search

Website Design and Google Search

If your contemplating having a website designed, then it is important to gain a basic understanding how your business is found online. That is ,what exactly happens when someone does a search, by typing some keywords on a Search Engine such as Google, hoping to find your business, product or service, or other information?


When a consumer has made a decision that they are ready to buy, or need a product or service they generally turn to the Internet to look for a supplier. It’s that simple. This is where search, and how well your website is optimised (SEO) is so important from a marketing perspective and for your website performance.

This Google insight should help explain, how a search works click here…..oh and by the way in the 30 seconds you have taken to read this, over 1.2 million searches were performed world-wide!




Web Design Melbourne – Case Study

Web Design Melbourne – Case Study

Web Design Background:

Align Asphalt, was a new start up business which was established late 2011 primarily specialising in the design, construction and surfacing of asphalt driveways. Whilst situated in the outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne, their target market and targeted customer base is throughout all Melbourne suburbs.

The Web Design Brief:

  • Design functional concise website that promotes all aspects of their business.
  • Provide all marketing text and imagery.
  • Create an easily updateable website that allows for business growth.
  • Focus search engine results on selected key search terms.

Website Live: January 2012


Progress & Results:

Over the initial three months the site evolved and functioned well. Further to a meeting in April 2012 we were re-engaged to focus more on the search engine optimization performance. Being ranked highly under a number of search term criteria was the key including the search term Asphalt Driveway Melbourne. This involved a number of changes to the website including the text content, keyword density and other strategies that were implemented for organic search optimization. As the organic search engine optimisation kicked in the hits to the website grew substantially.




Website Hits Per Month:









Through Clark Marketing & Design’s organic search engine optimisation of the Align Asphalt website, this site now ranks on Google Page 1, Position 1 for this search term (as at October 2012). Through significant organic search engine optimisation the Align Asphalt website ranks very highly under a number of other relevant key search engine phrases. More importantly the website is generating new and significant business for the client.

What the client has said:

“In my search for a marketing specialist and web design company I chose Clark Marketing & Design because they presented as an honest, down to earth business, that demonstrated themselves as capable and hardworking. I haven’t been disappointed!

The website design and content is simple and to the point, and most importantly it’s working for us and bringing us business!

Clark Marketing & Design have been accessible, accommodating and willing to go the extra mile. I like their “can do” attitude.”

Skye Neicho – Director, Align Asphalt


Web Services – 10 Email Marketing Tips

Web Services – 10 Email Marketing Tips

Email marketing is an affordable way to draw traffic to your website, sell your products and remind customers to come back and visit you. You can create an effective and regular dialogue with your readers whilst enhancing your brand.

Here are a few basic tips when considering your email campaigns:

Understand your readers

Like any media, make sure that you provide your readers with the information they want. This will improve the click-through rates and encourage people to read your next newsletter rather then select the “unsubscribe” link.

Practice shows that personalised content produces the best results, with better open- and read-rates compared with the one size fits all approach.

Do not leave an empty subject line

Most empty subject lines get spammed so make sure you don’t leave it empty or your email might not get past spam filters.

Do not use deceptive subject lines

The subject line should pertain to the email and be informative enough to encourage the reader to open it whilst not being too long.

Clear from lines

The from line should clearly state your company’s name or your name. Avoid spam from lines such as “Message from a friend” that are being used quite a lot by spammers.

Provide a plain text as well as an HTML version

Most readers respond better to an HTML email but sometimes complicated HTML emails get blocked by the recipient’s internet service provider. Plain text, although not blocked as often, is simply not appealing but it is accessible to blind people. So the best option is to send your email in both formats.

Unsubscribe link

You must provide the reader with the ability to request that you do not send any future emails to that address. These requests must be honoured.

Make it short

Just like any web content, people reading your email scan the content to see if anything interests them. Remember, web readers are always in a hurry so keep it short, to the point and ensure it is relevant.

Be consistent

You should be consistent with the frequency with which you send your emails. It can be one a day, once a week, or once a month but make sure you stick to it. The more consistent you are, the more your clients will become familiar at receiving your emails and this will help build your brand.

Be creative

Last but not least, unless you create a compelling subject line your email will end up in the deleted items box. More companies are sending out more emails, therefore less customers are responding to their communications. The first point of contact with potential clients is the subject line of your emails. It has to reach an audience that is literally bombarded with email advertising. So try out different subject lines and compare the open- read-rates for each subject line.

Are you ready to build your business, stay in touch and re-connect with your customers with an email marketing campaign? Call us now on 03 9739 5445 or contact us online today!