Social Media

So, you’re either starting a business, or have an established business, but not yet on Social Media.

You may be asking yourself, “is Social Media necessary for my business” or “will Social Media benefit my business?”

Let’ s face it, potential clients now look to Social Media to research businesses and brands every day. They make choices about brands and businesses, the learn about or are made aware of products and services using Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

But do you really need a Social Media Presence? Below we’ve listed 5x compelling reasons why you should consider getting your business onto Social Media.

1. Social Media can improve brand loyalty

A Social Media presence can make it easier for your customers to find and connect with your business. You can use Social Media to reinforce you brand name and values, as well as to introduce your existing or new products and/or services. Over time it can help build a loyal customer base and it’s a great way to interact with customers and potential clients.

2. Social Media can be beneficial for your website and increased website traffic

Sharing content on Social Media and giving reasons to click through to your website will help increase your website traffic and can result in increased leads, conversion opportunities and sales.

3. Social Media can enhance your website rankings and visibility

Social Media is becoming a more and more important factor in calculating where your website should sit in relation to its keyword rankings. When you, as a business are constantly sharing content on Social Media or receiving website hits as a result of Social Media content you are also sending out positive brand signals to Search Engines.

4. Social Media increases brand authority and creates positive customer satisfaction

A Social Media presence allows potential clients to not only become aware of your business and connect with you, they can also quickly interact with your business.

When customers see your business continually posting on Social Media, that is, posting original content, answering and replying to queries, it builds a positive image in their minds. By regularly interacting with your customers it will prove to them that you and your business cares about them. This increases the word of mouth phenomenon which equals more Free and positive advertising for your business.

Social Media is now becoming a more and more important marketing tool and plays a vital role in networking and communication.

5. Social Media is cost effective

Most Social Media platforms are free to sign up with and if you decide to use paid advertising on Social Media, you can always start small to ‘test the waters.’ This can give your business’s an insight as to see what works for you without blowing big budget dollars.

So, is Social Media necessary or beneficial for your business? Our final thought is simply this, if you not on Social Media, it’s most likely your competitors are, and after all you wouldn’t want them stealing your customers!