Having a blog on your website is a powerful way to cost effectively market your business online. Here’s 5 ways that adding a blog to your website can benefit your business:

1. Boost your websites SEO

Search engines love websites that are constantly updated with fresh content and posting regular blog posts is one of the best ways to do this. Also, more content on your website means more pages of yours to be found in the Search engines. See #2 below for the third SEO benefit that you get when your content is shared.

2. Reach more potential customers when your blog posts are shared

You don’t often see product and service pages being shared online, but blog posts with interesting or helpful content do get shared through social media, email and other websites. Having your content shared means two things: More people visiting your website through the shared link, and SEO benefits from these inbound links to your site.

3. Show your credibility and gain more trust

Sharing the valuable knowledge you have in your field through informative, helpful or insightful blog posts shows your customers that you know what you’re talking about and that you can give them the right advice. This extra insight into your knowledge allows you to gain trust and credibility with your customers.

4. Engage with your customers

The comment section at the end of each blog post is a great way to engage with your customers. Whether they have questions about the content you’ve posted, want to learn more about your business, or just want to say “thanks” for the helpful information you’ve provided, this interaction is an excellent way to also build rapport with your customers.

5. Differentiate your business from your competitors

Having a ‘voice’ online through a blog allows you to differentiate your business from your competitors by showing the unique personality and knowledge in your business.

Have you added a blog to your website? Let us know by commenting below and how it has been of benefit?