Trending Logo Designs in 2018: How Businesses Are Branding Themselves

Now more than ever, your business should strive to cut through the noise of your competitors. People who have recently discovered your brand needs something to remember you by. A logo can serve as the perfect symbol for your organisation. With the right business logo design, you can stand out from the crowd while getting your values across to your target audience.


Consumer preferences are always changing though; what worked in the past may not get you as much positive attention today. By knowing which trends are popular this year, you’d have a better idea what to ask from logo designers for your project. Here are a few you’ll want to pay special attention to:

Minimalist Forms

This is all about stripping down to the basics. Sometimes, it’s the simplest and neatest brand design that can capture the interest of your audience. It conveys your message directly so people won’t have to second-guess. Not to mention that it works across different mediums, from mobile apps to business cards.

Tumbler is a good example of a logo that is minimalistic

Focusing on clarity and simplicity will allow you to say a lot with the least possible. This can be very important in a world full of noise and confusion. It can drive online traffic to you and is why many big names have revamped their designs with something edgier and sharper.

Negative Space

While this logo design trend has been around for a few years, it remains prominent even in 2018. You’ve likely seen it in action on the Toblerone, WWF, or FedEx logos. It’s quite popular on social media as it challenges the consumer to solve the puzzle or find the hidden message, which appeals to the treasure hunter heart.

Negative space is used on the FedEx logo

This technique has continuously evolved since it first emerged though, going from logomarks to logotypes. Now there are more text logos that have images or shapes hidden between or inside its letters. You can check out our blog post on using negative space to learn more.

Geometric Shapes

Line art is well-loved for its timelessness, laidback appeal, and elegant style. Then again, it has been forever falling in and out of favour in the graphic design, fashion, and architectural industries. When done well, it is a thing of beauty thus it continues to be on an uptrend this year.


Flicker used circles in their old logo

However, there are only a handful of geometric shapes at your disposal even when you’re including the parallelograms and octagons. There’s only so much that can be done for a custom logo design before it morphs into another technique altogether.

If you want to stay just within the realm of geometric lines, you could end up with a logo that is unremarkable and indistinct so be careful with that.

Modern Vintage

Last year, Formula 1 unveiled its new streamlined logo which evokes the retro feel of motorsports. Fans were divided as some preferred the old to the new but many were also able to see the appeal.

Formula One switched from negative space to retro
Attribution: Taken from Logopedia Wikia

Vintage styling always brings a nostalgic effect allowing people to connect with memories of the past. It specifically hits the emotional quotient, which can be effective in some cases.

While it’s not as sleek as other styles, a retro brand design does convey a sense of authenticity, trust, and loyalty. It is a particularly good idea when you want to establish yourself as something familiar or close to home, especially when your company has been around for a while or if you already have an established client base.

Experimental Typography

Many logos are supported by text while others are made entirely of text. The latter are called wordmarks or lettermarks. They allow basic information to be communicated in fresh and creative ways.

The concept of modifying existing typefaces may not be entirely new but it has given birth to completely new styles that make use of photographic and artistic techniques.

The Coca-Cola typography logo hasn’t changed that much

There are so many different styles to choose from, including split, chaotic, and hand-effect. Your choice should be based on the type of business you have. For instance, if you want to come across as a dynamic and playful brand, then a chaotic logo design may be the best option for you. For more examples of this trend, drop by our post on creating a typographic logo.

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